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Rural Service

Wicked Broadband is proud to announce that we will again be offering our highly reliable AirMAX service to rural residents of Douglas County. AirMAX service through Wicked Broadband provides you with a faster stronger connection than 3G, Dial-Up or Satellite internet services.

Rural Details
Download*:  Up to 40 Mbps 

Upload*: Up to 40 Mbps

Installation:  $150

Monthly Service:  Starting At $90**

*Speeds are approximate maximum. Speeds will vary depending on your service location, signal strength, and activity on network.

**Price includes fees and taxes

Sign up for service and our professional technicians will install a small radio receiver on the side of your home. An Ethernet jack is then installed in the room of your choice. To connect, simply plug in your computer or router and enjoy an always on broadband connection.

Sign Me Up
To sign up for rural service, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (785) 371-4214.

Our Standard Professional installation could take up to 4 hours and includes the following:

  • Travel to and from subscriber location

  • Professional installation of Wicked Broadband CPE on rooftop or best signal location

  • Up to 100ft CAT5e cable run along the outside of the house and through one exterior wall

  • Installation of wall jack directly opposite exterior wall penetration.

  • Direct Ethernet connection to one computer. Multiple PC's and wireless routers are not included in a standard professional installation

  • Non-standard professional installations may result in additional charges. Please confirm with the Wicked Broadband (WB) technician that your installation will be standard prior to allowing the technician to begin working. If your installation is non-standard any additional charges must be agreed upon between WB Member and WB Technician prior to beginning work. WB custom labor rate is $50/hr minimum 1 hour . Additional equipment and materiel cost apply.

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