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Business Service


Wicked Broadband provides highly reliable business accounts using both AirMAX and Fiber-Optic* technologies. 

Our business service includes equipment that is designed and configured to access the network. The equipment can includes a professionally installed outdoor antenna* or Fiber-Optic** demarcation box.  AirMAX Business service makes use of the latest and greatest AirMAX TDMA equipment for a high quality Internet connection.  Business service customers enjoy 24 hour connection monitoring, fast connections, low latency and reliable throughput. To achieve these goals, Business service requires on-site installation*

As an added bonus, no contracts are required. Terminate or expand service at any time for any reason.

* Business AirMAX installations require a $50 on-site installation fee.

** Fiber-Optic availability is limited to areas with installed cable.

Business Account Details
Download* Up To: 1000 Mbps Fiber-Optic / 100 Mbps AirMAX

Upload* Up To: 1000 Mbps Fiber-Optic / 100 Mbps AirMAX

Installation:  Varies Fiber-Optic / $50 AirMAX

Monthly Service:  Starting at $90/Month**

*Speeds are approximate maximum. Speeds will vary depending on your service location, signal strength, and activity on network.

**Price includes fees and taxes.

Sign Me Up
To sign up for bulk service, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (785) 371-4214.

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